EES General Music

General Music at EES

The EES music department is proud to be a part of Region 4's 5-Year Strategic Planning Process. We believe all children are musicians and therefore strive in general, instrumental and vocal music to give students opportunities to:

Make meaningful and purposeful connections through communication and collaboration

Analyze and construct arguments based on evidence

Make critical and creative problem-solving strategies

Obtain digital literacy and information

At EES we believe that all children are musicians! In the music room students work individually and collaboratively to develop their musical skills. All students receive general music instruction weekly on their rotation day where they explore the many aspects of music making. Students learn how to read, notate, compose and perform music of different styles. Additionally, students examine the lives and music of various composers and musical styles.

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Music Room Expectations

All Specialists at EES have implemented PUZZLE POINTS into their classrooms as a means of providing a consistent and supportive learning environment.

In the Music Room, we show...

  • Participation and Effort by trying our very best with all that we do whether singing, moving, using instruments, composing, etc.
  • Kindness and Cooperation by working together and having kind, supportive words and actions with our peers
  • Listening and Following Directions by following all classroom expectations and directives
  • Prepared to Learn by coming in to the Music Room ready to be an active learner.

In the music room, we support the EES school promise which states:

I promise today to be . . . .responsible, respectful, prepared, safe and kind.

All of our actions and words while in music class should fit into our EES school promise. We work to remember that our words are kind and respectful and our actions are responsible, respectful and safe at all times. In this way, we can have a safe and productive learning environment for all members of our school community.

It's going to be a wonderful year in Music!