First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!

I am so excited to welcome you to first grade! We are going to have a great year!

Contact Information: Danielle O'Connor

Specials Schedule:

A Day: Art

B Day: Phys. Ed.

C Day: Music

D Day: Library

Welcome to First Grade!

May News

May promises to be a busy month in first grade!

Reading- Students will continue going on adventures with the characters in the books they are reading. Students begin reading their books by taking a sneak peek to get a better idea of what the book will be about and are thinking more deeply about the books they are reading by keeping track of where and when the story takes place. They are predicting what might happen next in the story and then retelling important parts of the story to demonstrate comprehension. The students also enjoy re-reading their texts to build fluency and to notice more about the story.

Writing- Recently, the students have been working on writing opinion pieces. This has been a lot of fun and the students have really enjoyed it. The students are writing about various topics like their favorite book or movie, the best outdoor activity, things to do at recess or the best pet to have to name a few! They are learning to state their opinions about something, support their opinion with relevant details, and then wrap up their pieces by restating their opinion and encouraging the reader to think about what they wrote about. The students will be moving on to writing “How To” books in the coming weeks.

Math-Students continue to build fluency with their addition and subtraction facts to 10 and their strategies for working with facts to 20. They are utilizing the number rack to model and answer number combinations and various story problems. They have been writing and solving math equations that involve unknowns in all positions and have been determining if addition and subtraction are true or false. In addition students have been utilizing the 120’s chart to practice forward and backward counting by 10’s.

Science- The caterpillars have arrived! As part of our science unit on life cycles, we will be observing them as they transform into butterflies. Goals for the unit include understanding the different stages of a butterfly’s life and understanding the needs of all living creatures. Children will also gain skills in observing, describing and recording observations as they watch the changes in the caterpillars. They will make connections and comparisons with the growth of other living things.

Special Dates:

Night of the Arts: May 1st at 5:30

Salmon Release Field Trip: May 2nd

Rain Garden Planting with Audubon Society: May 9th

Field Trip to Clark Park in Old Saybrook: May 15th

Early Dismissal for Students: May 24th

Memorial Day No School: May 27th

Adventure Day: May 30th

Book Fair: May 31st