DRES Music


This is where you will find information about things happening in your child's grade level as well as important dates and events.

Check back once a month for what's coming next!

Kindergarten: Students are learning songs and rhythm patterns echoed on hand drums and rhythm sticks. They are building important social skills through partner dancing and group activities and singing games. The latest skill is identifying quarter notes and eighth notes.

1st grade: Students are reading and counting rhythms using quarter eighth, half and whole notes. New echo songs and singing games are also important.

2nd grade: Second grade students have worked with square dancing and singing traditional American songs such as She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain and I've been working on the railroad.

5th grade: The students are studying American spirituals. Oh Sinner Man and Down by the Riverside are 2 we are studying. Students are working on rhythm parts to play as they sing and have been putting the music into historical context.

3rd grade: Recorder playing is well underway. If your child does not have his/her recorder yet, please contact me so we can resolve the issue. The students are working on the first 3 notes BAG. Hot Cross Buns should be ringing through the house as well as other 3 note songs. Students are invited to move at their own pace and some songs provided have added an additional note.

4th grade: Students have taken a musical trip to Zimbabwe and are engrossed in playing Marimba music by Walt Hampton. Students are reading in Treble and Bass clef and playing 3 parts!

6th grade: Students have become the latest Rap stars. Working in teams they began writing their first rap about summer. They wrote, performed and critiqued all the groups' performances. They are now working on creating a School Code of Conduct Rap!! The most effective ones will be shared with the school.