As part of our wellness policy, our goal is to keep students healthy and attending school so they can fully participate in the programs at Chester Elementary. We ask parents to be proactive with us in helping students learn healthy behaviors.

These are things we can all do to keep everyone healthy.

  • Teach your child to wash his/her hands often with soap and water (before & after eating, after using the restroom). At school we remind students to wash their hands frequently.

  • Teach your child not to share personal items like drinks, food or unwashed utensils. We have a rule at school not to share food and drinks but reinforcing that at home will help with this practice in the cafeteria and on the bus.

  • Teach your child to cover up his/her cough or sneeze with the crux of their elbow, arm, or sleeve instead of their hand when a tissue is not available.

Illness/injury: If your child is ill or injured during the school hours, he/she will be assessed by the nurse. In the event your child appears to have a illness or serious injury, you will be notified. Please be sure all phone number and health care information are kept current throughout the school year.

Do not send children to school if they are sick. Any child who is determined to be ill while at school will be sent home as soon as possible.

Please refer to the Region 4 daily home screening tool ( Please screen your child daily prior to coming to school. If your child does not feel well or is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed on the screening tool please keep them home from school and immediately notify the school nurse and their pediatrician. Children with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home. Children with other symptoms of a possible sickness will also be sent home from school at the discretion of the school nurse. If your child has been diagnosed with a possible sickness, such as Covid-19, Flu or Strep Throat, please notify the school nurse immediately. Please refer to Covid -19 page for Covid-19 related resources.

Helpful links for common illnesses

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast boosts brainpower. In other words, food is fuel for the brain. Students that eat breakfast can focus and concentrate better in class, do better on tests, and have a longer attention span.

All grade levels do have a daily snack. Just a reminder to be sure students have a healthy snack packed daily.


In the event your child needs medication during school hours, please be sure to have the "Authorization to Administer Medication" completed by your child's physician and returned to the school nurse. All medications(prescription and non-prescription) must be sent in the original container, sealed, and labeled with the child's name. Non-prescription medication (Tylenol, Advil, cough syrup, etc) may not be administered without physician authorization. All medication should be hand-delivered to the nurse's office by the parent/guardian. By state law, children are not allowed to transport prescription or over the counter medication to school in their backpacks or lunch boxes.


If your child has an updated physical form/immunizations, please send in to the attention of the school nurse, so that your child's record can be updated.


Head lice are a common community problem. They are not dangerous and do not transmit diseases. The school nurse will notify the parents of the student with lice or nits and recommend treatment that evening. The student does not have to be sent home and may return to school the next day if they have received home treatment. A letter/email will not be sent to other parents in that classroom.

Food Allergies/Outside Food:

Some students at CES have food allergies. It is imperative that parents notify the school nurse and the child's teacher of any food allergies as soon as possible. In order to keep all students safe, we ask that parents DO NOT bring in outside food, other than lunches and healthy snacks, for their own child's consumption. A food allergy can turn into a potentially life-threatening situation.

Please remember to call the school or email me if your child will be tardy or absent from school.

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Please feel free to call the school with any questions or concerns.