Chester Social Development

Social Development at Chester Elementary School is an integrated program that promotes a positive school climate by providing students with the skills to navigate social and emotional issues. Numerous studies have shown that when a child knows how to solve a problem, or where to go for help with a problem then the child feels empowered and safe and is better equipped to focus on learning.

The program at Chester Elementary School began in 1996 and gained momentum through a grant from the Connecticut Center for School Change in 1997. Several integrated initiatives were created and have evolved to help Chester Elementary School be a caring school.

This year we are starting a new Social Emotional Learning Program called The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. On the following pages there are links to follow and more information about our new initiative. We are very excited to be utilizing this program throughout our school.

The theme of the month for March is Compassion in Action. The Book of the Month for March is Stick and Stone (K-2) and The Can Man (3-6). Please see videos below. Also, below the Books of the Month there's a video related to compassion that teachers are showing their students. It would be a nice one to watch together as a family.

Our Social Development Committee is comprised of teachers and parents. The members on our committee for the 2019/2020 school year are as follows:

  • Diana Amara (school counselor)
  • Amy Lippincott (5th grade teacher)
  • Stephanie Conashevick (kindergarten teacher)
  • Christina Mercier (1st grade teacher)
  • Keri Sciuto (2nd grade teacher)
  • Elaine Fleischer (speech and language pathologist)
  • Geane Giordano (physical education teacher)
  • Jen Larkin (special education teacher)
  • Allison Abramson (parent)
  • Kristen Dean (parent)
  • Jessica Dobratz (parent)