Welcome to Toronto, Earpers!

We hope you have an amazing time at EH Con! We've put together an EH Con fun map for you with info on restaurants close to the venue, our favo(u)rite taco joints, places to grab a beer or whisky, popular Toronto tourist destinations, and LGBTQ spaces & places.

Uber and Lyft are both available in Toronto and make getting around easy. If you are heading downtown from the hotel, ride share options can be pricey. We've include public transportation options in the map below. The UP Express is the fastest way from the airport to Union Station, right downtown. A Presto card will let you ride the UP Express as well as any TTC vehicle (subway, streetcar, bus) and can be purchased from kiosks at the airport or subway stations. Traveling on the TTC using a Presto card also allows you a two-hour transfer window, free of charge.

Happy Earping, eh!