Mrs. Halvorsen's

Language Arts Class

Genius Project

Click the link above to watch a video about Genius Projects!


What would I choose if I could learn about anything?


Students dig deeply into a topic that interests them and then create a product and/or presentation that displays their passion.


* Students will use 20% of their class time to explore a topic or passion in their life.

* Students may need to work on these projects outside of their assigned class periods to complete their projects and presentations.

* Students will be asked to reflect upon their Genius Hour work time over the course of the project.

* Students will be assessed on their ability to motivate themselves, overcome set backs in research and development, receive and use constructive feedback, and on their final products and class presentations.

* Final projects should show an intrinsic motivation to better yourself and become a life-long learner.

*Final project presentations will take place at the end of the semester in December.