Creative Brains and Huge Hearts

Written by Anthony Perez--

Mr. Carlos is the site coordinator of Creative Brain Learning After-school Program at Clement Middle School. On August 30th, I interviewed Mr. Carlos for The Viking Voice, which is the Journalism team at Clement. I decided to interview Mr. Carlos because I am in the afterschool program and I wanted to know what he did before he went to work at Creative Brain and what he is doing now at Creative Brain.

Here is what happened during the interview when I was asking the questions. Mr. Carlos absolutely LOVES helping the kids with their homework in general to help understand their homework as well and also likes teaching the kids new things like music and sports. Before going to Creative Brain, he went to RCC (Riverside City College) which is a city college in Riverside which is just 23 minutes to drive there, so it’s actually not that far. He also likes doing math because he likes to think of it as a puzzle, also he likes playing sports too. He loves pizza as his favorite food too.(which is everyone's favorite food!)

Mr. Carlos says that they have “a limited number of spots” for kids to join Creative Brain, and that “ if the person is not already in the afterschool program, but could use a little extra help academically”, they will allow that too.

Creative Brain is an afterschool program that specializes in helping with your homework, two rounds of activities which include sports, music, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). So hurry up and get a spot to join Creative Brain to participate in all the fun!

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