Mrs. Baker - English 11

Welcome to Mrs. Baker’s English 11 class! This year we will be studying American Literature from the early 19th and 20th century. We will be focusing on classic and contemporary American authors along with an overview of the time period in which they wrote. We will focus on implementing reading, writing and study strategies along with developing stronger reading and writing skills.

Google Classroom Codes

Period 3 - vl6hc7g

Period 5 - s1l06m

Period 6 - kvkf5q3

Class Textbook

You can access our textbook in two areas of this website:

Option 1: Under the Class Files page --> There is a PDF for each unit located in each unit's folder.

Option 2: Pearson Online Textbook

How to login to the online textbook:

  1. Click on the “Textbook Online New” Chrome icon on your desktop
  2. Log into the Pearson Sign In Page
    1. Username: FirstName+First Three Letters of Last Name - Dot - First Five Numbers of SSID
      1. Johnsmi.43678
    2. Password: Full SSID
      1. 43678#####
  3. Classes & Products page
    1. You will see the class (my class) with an arrow.
    2. Make the arrow point down by clicking on it
    3. Our class should show up below my class name
  4. Select “myPerspectives ELA California Grade 11 “
  5. A new window will open with three options: Programs – Classes – Grades
    1. Programs will provide you with the student edition of your book and any other unit resources
    2. Classes will be used later in the year. This is when I can assign readings or assignments online and you must complete and submit them online.
    3. Grades will tell you your grades for the assigned assignments and any tests that were completed online