The Pines

Welcome to The Pines

Welcome to our amazing complex needs resource base at Redgate Community Primary School.

Although we very much operate as a whole inclusive unit, we also consist of three classes within The Pines. All children, families and staff in The Pines are supported by our Pines lead and Assistant Head Louise Dean. We have Natterjacks who are our youngest children, and they are lead by Bethan Kiernan. We then have our Woodpeckers who are taught by Oliver Stretton, and lastly but by no means least we have our fabulous Foxes who are lead by Freya Armstrong. Our amazing team wouldn't be complete without our team of dedicated and wonderful support staff.

Please visit our individual class pages for more information about all of the exciting, engaging and fun learning that happens across The Pines.

You can also see everything we get up to on our exciting Twitter page

Parent Feedback 2020

Parent feedback

Our children and families are at the Centre of everything we do here at The Pines, and so we wanted to share feedback we have recently received from our fantastic families.

Useful information


We are proud to wear our uniform. The wearing of uniform is encouraged to promote a sense of pride,

a sense of belonging, assumed equality, and for Health and Safety.

Please ensure that ALL items of school uniform are clearly labelled - even underwear!


• Royal blue jumper/cardigan with school badge

• Grey skirt/trousers/culottes/tracksuit pants/leggings

• White polo shirt

• Black flat shoes

• Plain grey or white socks or tights

• In summer term, girls may wear a red and white gingham dress

• Any hair bands/ribbons/bobbles etc. should be small, plain, sensible and practical and match

the colours of the school uniform.


• Royal blue jumper with school badge

• Grey trousers/jogging pants (short or long depending on weather)

• White polo shirt

• Grey socks

• Black shoes


• Any child with long hair MUST tie it back neatly; large hair bows should not be worn

• The only jewellery that can be worn is a watch and small plain stud earrings. All jewellery

must be removed for PE and swimming

• If for any reason a child cannot take their earrings out, then plasters must be provided from

home to cover their earrings.

• Children are not permitted to swim with earrings in.

• If you are considering having your child's ears pierced, the best time to have this done is at

the beginning of the summer holidays.


• Plain navy blue PE shorts (not football shorts)

• School pale blue PE T-Shirt with school logo

• Black pumps (elasticated)

• Training shoes (for outdoor games)

• Tracksuit ( for outdoor games in cold weather)

• PE socks (for girls who wear tights)


Within the Pines we are always very active and spend a great deal of time outdoors, so children will all need wellies and a wet suit to keep in school with them.

Spare clothes are also very useful to keep in school in case of messy/water play.


Our uniform can be purchased at Whittakers Schoolwear - 35/39 London Street, PR9 0UY Southport or you can visit and click on the BOOK APPT tab

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