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4-5-19 News

In preparation for Spring Break. Everything has been harvested.

NEWS 1-4-2019


The Tomato Plants survived over the winter break, but boy were they thirsty when I came back into the classroom (even with an Aerovoir) on January 2, 2018. They have produced and keep producing Tomatoes.


The page was taking too long to load so I have consolidated all of the photographic evidence to a google slide show.



On January 2nd and 3rd we had our 2nd planting day of the year. This next experiment will be genetics based. Last year we tried to grow green leaf and Lolita red leafed bibb lettuce but had little luck growing the red leafed bibb lettuce (only one germinated and grew). This next experiment will be trying to cross pollinate different Zinnia and then plant the second generation to see if we get different traits . Zinnia are an ideal candidate for cross pollinating experiments. They produce flowers quickly, the stamens and anthers are obvious, and they produce many large seeds that can be collected and planted. The Zinnias were all in a system and wet on Thursday January 3. Hopefully this experiment will be more fruitful in germinating and reaching adult stage. They are on 16 hours on/ 8 hours off light cycle 5am the lights go on, 9pm the lights go off.

Planting data map of the Zinnias (RCCSD ACOUNTS ONLY)