New Email SYSTEm

Redborne has switched to a new email system. We are now using Google Gmail. The existing email system is now closed.

To access your emails, go to:

Sign in using your school email address and password.

Notes for staff and students:

  • Your email address is unchanged, and will still be
  • Your password is whatever your current school computer password is. If you change your school computer password, your Google password will automatically change as well.
  • All of your messages on the old system have been copied across for you.
  • If you created folders in the old email system, these will have been replaced in Gmail with labels.
  • If you created any mailbox rules in the old system, these will not have been carried over to Gmail. You can set up filters in their place.

Notes for staff:

  • Mailing list addresses have changed. You'll find a document listing these changes in your Google Drive (use gmail as a search term).
  • The Office Outlook desktop application will not initially be supported. You'll be able to launch it to access old data, but it will not connect to your new Gmail account, and neither will it connect with the old email system. This will not affect the majority of users.
  • Attachment size limits have increased, and there is no longer an overall storage limit on your mailbox. All users have unlimited storage.

Mobile Access

You'll be able to access your email, calendars and other school Google services on your mobile device by adding your Google account to it.

If you previously had a mobile device connected up to the old school email system, you will need to remove this account from your device, as it will no longer be functional.

How do i...?

For help using Gmail, refer to the official Google Gmail support pages.

Other google services available as part of G Suite

As well as email, your Google account gives you access to a range of other Google services as part of the school's G Suite for Education subscription, including:

  • Google Calendar.
  • Google Contacts (as well as your own contacts, this also includes the entire school directory).
  • Google Keep (for quick notes, checklists, etc.).
  • Google Drive (online document and file storage).
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides (online and collaborative word processing, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations).

All messages sent and received in any G Suite service, and all files stored in G Suite will be accessible to the school. All users are expected to use these services responsibly, in line with the school's IT Acceptable Use Policy.