2021 Reminders!

  • Please see the '21 Game Schedule for upcoming games.

  • Registration is closed!

  • Please read through the expectations for the season.

  • We will use TeamSnap for all immediate communications with our teams. Please ensure that your family has the app downloaded and that you are registered with your designated team(s). If there are any issues, please contact us!

Family/Participant Expectations

Parent/Family Expectations

  • Parents should have TeamSnap downloaded on their phones for immediate updates on practices and games.

  • Volunteers are critical to the success of our practices and game days! This cannot be stressed enough and includes practice days (for bathroom breaks, etc.).

  • Uniforms must be cared for and returned in the same condition that they were provided to our athletes.

practice Expectations

  • Please arrive to practice at least 5 minutes prior to our start time to set up. Also, please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the end of practice so coaches can begin the dismissal process.

  • At the end of practice, athletes are NOT permitted to meet their parents/guardians in the parking lots. Parents/guardians MUST come to the practice site, be seen by a coach, and then the child will be permitted to leave.

  • Please bring water/sports drink. NO food is permitted. Athletes should have dinner before practice, but if there are any scheduling conflicts with this, please contact your coach.

  • Athletes should be coming to practice in their proper attire. Examples of unacceptable practice attire are: barefoot/flip flops, bathing suits, baggy shirts, etc.

  • In case of emergencies, parents/guardians should stay local if they are not staying at practice.

  • Athletes will have very brief breaks and should use the restroom prior to practice.

Game day Expectations

  • ALL athletes are expected to attend and play at games, including away games. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact your coach in advance! This is critical for planning our games and having the mandatory amount of players for each game.

  • Athletes must be in full uniform! If you have any questions about your uniform, please contact your coach ASAP.


Practice is held at our home field, Count Basie Field. Exact practice locations will be communicated via TeamSnap in advance. Please read our practice expectations for arrival, dismissal, attire, and other important notes.


ALL LEVELS will practice Monday - Thursday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Continue to monitor your team's TeamSnap account for specific updates!

Coach's Corner

2021 head Coaches

Flag: Al Soden & Dernell Kyles

8U: Rob McGuire

10U: Marcel Mewborn

12U: Matt Clark

14U: Ben (BD) Davis

Please use TeamSnap to communicate with our Head Coaches!