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Infinite Campus

Use Infinite Campus to see attendance, grades, view and pay lunch balances, and more! Call the front office if you have trouble accessing your account.


Miss a day of school? Wondering what is coming up next this quarter? Take a look at the Target/Assessments spreadsheets to see what is coming up this quarter.

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Academic Sections at REA

Students are placed in a section based on their grade, academic performance, and understanding of academic core concepts. The goal is that students are successful, yet challenged in their academic section.

Sections are named after parts of the river.

Tribs | Rapids | Eddies | Deltas

Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements exceed those of the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare our students for a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities. Learn more in the Student Handbook.


Math - 4 credits

Humanities - 4 credits

Science - 4 credits

English - 4 credits

Elective - 9 credits (includes Art=1, Lang=1)


Math - 3 credits

Humanities - 3.5 credits

Science - 3 credits

English - 4 credits

Elective - 7 credits