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Hey RMS! Looking to stretch yourself, have fun, or work with a team? Check out the enrichment activities below!

Ms. Freeman | Room 419

RMS Enrichment
e: bfreeman@readington.k12.nj.usph: 908-534-2113 x3419

Lunch and Academic Support Enrichment in Room 419.

See Ms. Freeman in 419 for a pass!

Upcoming Challenges for the 22-23 School Year (more to come too!):

2022 Fall Enrichment: Open to All!

Attention Spellers! Spelling Bee sign-up is here! Our first Bee will take place in early February. Sign up now to get access to word lists and more!

Model UN (MUN) and EcoAmbassadors (EcoAs) are underway! Sign-up here to join MUN or EcoA meetings during Lunch + Academic Support. MUN meets on Mondays. EcoAs meet on Wednesdays.

We launch enrichment activities based on interest, with rolling start dates year-round. You have the option of attending during Lunch, Academic Support, or Lunch + Academic Support. Bring your chromebook and head to Room 419.

>> See Ms. Freeman in 419 for a pass!


EcoAmbassadors (EcoAs) meet Wednesdays during Lunch and Academic Support in 419 starting on Wed. Sept 28. Sign-up here for EcoAmbassadors.

EcoAmbassadors create eco-friendly solutions for our schools and communities -- we think globally and act locally. We make things. We grow things. We bring EcoA Action ReadAlouds to kids. We invent and get our hands dirty. We partner with our township, local non-profits, and a wide range of experts. Our award-winning club is also part of Columbia University's EcoAmbassador network. Check out EcoAmbassadors on Wednesdays during Lunch and/or Academic Support. Stop by 419 or email Ms. Freeman for a pass. EcoAmbassadors will also meet after school on dates to be determined by team members.


Model UN Club meets Mondays (MUNDAYS) during Lunch and Academic Support in 419 starting on Mon. Oct 3. Sign-up here for Model UN.

In the Model UN Club & Conference, you'll learn about world cultures, current events, and how the United Nations work as you assume the role of a UN delegate from an assigned country. You'll work with other delegates to propose solutions for issues of international importance -- all in a fun, live simulation with peers. Model UN meets Mondays in September to mid-January, during Lunch and Academic Support in 419.


Coming soon....

STEAMTank Competition for Inventors and Entrepreneurs. Problem-solve, design, create, test, improve, and pitch a solution with people, planet, and prosper in mind. Regionals in February. Finals in May.