Scrum Masters

The Scrum Master Role REV-Up

Goal: Boost servant leadership skills, facilitation skills, and clarify responsibilities; participants will be able to:

· Explain the relationships between leadership, management, and innovation.
· List at least 3 strategies for dealing with a monologue.
· Recognize the prosody of a good meeting.
· Apply the 5-minute rule, 90-second rule, and "take it offline" to make meetings great.
· Name all Agile ceremonies and explain the purpose and roles required.
· Define the key responsibilities of a ScrumMaster.
· Debunk common misconceptions by listing what a ScrumMaster does not do.
· Create a shared Definition of Ready that incorporates key compliance breadcrumbs.


1-day workshop on-site for up to 10 people
On-demand1 1:1 coaching for all subscribers

DoD & DoR REV-Up

Goal: Improve coordination between teams and improve the predictability of finishing all backlog items scheduled in Quarterly Plans and Iterations.


· On or off-site review of existing DoD & DoR
· Coaching to right-size the DoD & DoR for appropriate time-boxes and backlog items (we may create a DoD and DoR for each of the following Story, Feature, Epic, Iteration, Quarterly Plan, and Deployment for each team as well as for the entire Program).

Backlog Refinement REV-Up

Goal: Teach ScrumMasters (and other leaders) how to facilitate Backlog Refinement so that it decreases the time to plan backlog items while increasing the team's understanding of customer needs.


· Backlog Refinement training video
· 3x25-minute coaching consultations to help one team apply the skills