20time TED Talk Presentation (Key Components)

  • Address what inspired you to take on your 20time Project (attempt to provide the audience with an understanding of the creativity and passion behind your project)
  • Highlight your hard work, struggles and victories through passion, humour, character and engagement
  • Memorize your TED Talk in its entirety (all five minutes); if you forget your script go into storytelling mode, and tell the story of your 20time Project
  • Practice to others (peers, teachers, family, friends, etc) before presentation day
  • Create a minimalistic slideshow should to accompany your TED Talk with key pictures and points that are easy to understand (please do not create until your speech and timing are complete and approved by your 20time facilitator)

20time TED Talk Presentation (Key Details)

Who: Your fellow classmates, 20time facilitators, RDS students/teachers, your parents, empathy/expert interviewees, etc.

What: A 5 minute TED-style Talk Presentation

Where: Presentation location TBD

When: TED-Style Presentations will run Monday, May 29th - Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Why: An opportunity to demonstrate your hard work, your struggles and your victories