Welcome to Mr.Cline's Page!

Raised in Red Deer, I went to Central then Lindsay Thurber. First I attended The University of Montana for their amazing special ed. program and athletics. I then completed my after degree in education at The University of Alberta. I have taught at all levels in the area of special education. Very fortunate to receive Edwin Parr 1992, Semi-Finalist forTeacher Excellence 2014 and two time recipient of ATA SPECIALL Award.

I am a Teacher mentor and classroom chef of fun, learning and nurturing maturity. I love teaching the Foundations program because I truly believe in life long learning, that all students can be successful, and that learning can be fun.

I have been involved in the Ultimate Science Trip to Florida for the past 13 years or so as coordinator or teacher chaperone. This is a role that I am truly committed to as this trip offers opportunity for fun, learning and travel to all students in grade 8 without prerequisites of a language, instrument or technical based class.