social ten

Social 10 - Course Outline - 2018/2019

Course Outline

The outline includes information about the Storyline, Expectations, and Content of this course. It also includes a glossary of terms that will be used throughout the semester, contact information for your teacher, and an assessment breakdown.

Section 1: Globalization and Identity

  • The impacts of globalization on their lives
  • How living in a world where we interact with people and goods from around the world impacts our own personal identity
  • Throughlines: Community Building & Image Reflecting
Social 10 - Globalization and Identity

Section 2: Historical Globalization

Social 10 - Historical Globalization
  • The effects of historical globalization on Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples
  • How European exploration changed the world, and how we should respond to those changes
  • Throughline: Idolatry Discerning

Section 3: Globalization and Sustainability

  • Economic, environmental and other impacts of globalization
  • International trade can help and hurt at the same time
  • Throughlines: Earth Keeping & Community Building

Section 4: Our Response to Globalization

  • Roles and responsibilities in a globalizing world
  • What citizenship means and what responsibilities come with being a global citizen
  • Throughlines: Justice Seeking & Earth Keeping
Social 10 - Globalization and Sustainability
Social 10 - Economic Globalization
Social 10 - Sustainability and Citizenship - War


Use this QUIZLET Study Set as a way to learn the terms involved in this course. They are also included in your Course Outline.