english ten

Unit One: Satire

English 10 - Satire
Satire Project

Unit Two: Animal Farm

English 10 - Animal Far

Slide Deck

These slides contain an overview of what we will be doing day-to-day, in-class assignments, and discussion questions.


This YouTube playlist contains an audio version of each chapter. Great for when you miss class, or if listening while reading helps you understand.

Animal Farm - Student Workbook


Most of our unit is based on this handy workbook. It contains comprehension questions, activities, and assignments we will be doing throughout the unit.

Unit Three: Romeo and Juliet

English10 - Romeo and Juliet

Notes and Directions

Audio Book


No Fear Shakespeare

Unit Four: To Kill a Mockingbird and The Outside Circle

English 10 - Banned Books, TKAM, the Outside Circle

Most of this unit is outlined in this presentation. Other things we covered include:

  • The Film: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Graphic Novel: The Outside Circle
  • The Mini-Documentary: Broadband Bruce
  • The Articles: Various perspectives on To Kill a Mockingbird being banned in schools and the fall of the "White Saviour" narrative in film and literature

Unit Five: Poetry

English 10 - Poetry


Tips for Reading Comprehension
English 10 - Final Exam Part A Tips and Tricks