Baby Ads/Buddy Pictures

Baby Ads and Buddy Pictures - Seniors Only

Submission Information

Baby ads and buddy pictures are ways to make the book even more special for seniors. Because these are additional pages printed only for those who choose to participate, there is an additional charge. You do not need to purchase a book in order to place an ad or picture. Until NOVEMBER 15, there is a senior special on the Balfour site that is $99 (plus tax) for both the book and baby ad, which is a discounted price versus separate purchase.

Baby Ads

Baby ads include a favorite picture and written message from family members or loved ones. The messages will be typed, so please limit to 180 characters. Payment for the ads is on the same site as book purchase, linked here:

Baby ads are $40 or $99 Senior Special for a book + a baby ad.

IMPORTANT!!!! You MUST label the picture file with the student's name. When the students make the pages, it will help them ensure the right baby is indeed next to the right message.

Example: JohannaSmithBabyPic.jpg

Pictures must be submitted online. Both iPhone and Android offer free scanner apps that work well for old photographs if need be.

Buddy Pictures

Buddy pictures are pictures of graduates with each other from through the years, usually from when they were younger. It’s a great opportunity to get a favorite pic of multiple graduates. Seniors and families often chip in with their friends and share the cost to place a picture.

Because there will be more than one person in these photos, there is a small extra step. We need ALL the names of those featured in the picture. Payment is $20 on the Balfour site, the same one as purchasing a book or baby ad. Then fill out this quick form.