September 2019

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Fish Heal Depression

Since my sister left for college, I’ve been living in my room by myself for the first time since I was born. I obviously blame my parents for the separation anxiety that they’ve given me but I can’t do much about it now. As summer is winding down and the air is beginning to get crisp, seasonal depression is back bitch. I come home everyday from school, take a nap, do homework, eat dinner, then go back to sleep. It’s a boring endless cycle that doesn’t help my loneliness. In theory: I played myself. I thought the best way to cure this cycle would be to add another presence in my room that would brighten it up a bit. At first, I bought some beautiful red roses that added so much depth to my room, but a week later they mysteriously died-it’s not like I didn’t clean the water because everyone knows you need to do that in order for them to live, right? So then, one morning during second hour, I decided “hey, why don’t I just get a fish?” so I did. Two days ago I bought the light of my life and he’s already had such an impact. He eats breakfast while I do my makeup; I decorate his bowl nicely, and I talk to him when I’m sad because I can’t afford a therapist. We have this unspoken (because he’s a fish and he can’t talk) roomie agreement, where I keep him alive and he keeps me company. In theory: I would die for Joshua.

As I said before, it’s been about two days since I’ve gotten Joshua and I still haven’t told my parents. It’s not like I’m keeping him a secret for fear that if my parents see him they’ll make me flush him, of course not. I just like to keep him for myself, that’s all (please don’t tell my parents). I know that we’ve only just met, but I can tell that we clicked right away and formed such a strong bond that will last a lifetime. All in all, since I’ve gotten Joshua my life has progressively gotten better and I hope he never dies. He is going to live for a thousand years and no one can tell me otherwise.

I know it might sound trivial to project all of this emotion onto something that just swims in circles all day, but you have to understand, it can be difficult to cope with such a big change. I went from living with the same person all my life to finding myself all alone in the span of one day. From the short time I’ve known Joshua, I realized that just having a relaxing presence near you is extremely comforting. It allows me to feel at home with my space knowing I’m sharing it with someone else, it helps ease the loneliness just a bit. Fish may be one of the most boring animals on the planet, but they can’t leave you because they’re stuck in a bowl all day. Kind of like being in a prison, but y'know, not. I hope he enjoys my presence as much as I enjoy his, and hopefully he doesn’t commit suicide by jumping out of his bowl. That would be sad.

As always, I wish everyone the best and hopefully they can find themselves their own Joshua one day.

-By Ava Rausch


A common topic for debate is favorite season. It’s an easy question to ask as an ice breaker, and the best to ask when collecting data for a school project. Some people are more keen on their seasonal preferences, but no matter how strong their opinion, the seasons continue changing, typically not in their favor. Whether you love initiating snowball fights in the cold of winter, basking in the heat of summer, watching the vibrant leaves of fall, or watching the blossoming flowers of spring, inevitable change takes place annually.

Winter is the best. Each unique snowflake coming together to create a freezing wonderland. The wonderland attracts layering of clothes and blankets. People warm themselves and their hearts together all season long. The chilly season brings lots of love and celebration.

Summer is the best. The blazing hot weather melts our sticky ice cream and popsicles. It draws us out to lakes and pools. Family visits, road trips, and other fun are most frequent this time of year. School’s out and there's nothing better to celebrate. The festive season brings ample love and celebration.

Fall is the best. The bright red, vibrant orange, and vivid yellow colors on trees and bushes are an exhilarating sight to see. The relative warmth of summer fades into chilly winds and petrichor. Pumpkins are put on a pedestal for this season for anything from daring decoration to tasty treats. The breezy season brings its fair share of love and celebration.

Spring is the best. The carefree birds chirping is music to my ears. Our plentiful vibrant blossoms amplifying the natural beauty. The fresh air and comfortable temperatures are only a few of the reasons to smile when this season rolls around. The enlivening season brings a great deal of love and celebration.

A favorite is never worth the argument. With the cold season approaching it’s important to keep the essences of each season that warms our hearts in mind. Each one is unique and important. E The winter brings purpose and appreciation to tools such as fireplaces, summer brings a limitless source of activities, fall brings harvesting and family fun, and spring brings the sounds and colors of nature to life. Even if we absolutely despise one, it’s all the more important because it will remind us why we love our favorites year after year.

-By Samantha Peterson