Meet the Tutors

Miriam Manna

Hey, I’m Miriam! I formerly took AP seminar as a sophomore, and am currently taking AP Comp as a junior. If you need help with vigorous diction, creative brainstorming, or making a helpful outline, come into the English Resource Center to visit me! I can also assist you with the flow of your paper, whether it be a research paper or a narrative. Outside of my love of english, I am on the Armstrong debate team and hurdler on the Armstrong track team. I’m also am involved with several activities like Best Buddies, student council, & the student activities board. On the weekends, you will probably find me out in Minneapolis at an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop or eating some Neapolitan Pizza. Stop by the ERC 1st hour for semester 1 and 4th hour for semester 2 to discuss your paper or just to chat with me!

Julia Pham

Hi, I’m Julia Pham! I took AP Comp last year, and people seem to think I took AP Sem (I did not). Either way, I still love to write and edit papers. My specialties are syntax, diction, narrative essays, and getting past that stubborn fear of starting. Besides writing, I enjoy perusing Instagram to appease my ever-evolving taste in color and design, playing golf in the spring, and participating in various school orchestra programs. Music is a really big passion of mine; my favorite artists are Orla Gartland (my #1), Catie Turner, and half alive. Of course, that list changes weekly. I work at an ice rink teaching little kids how to skate and am constantly craving some random food. Come see me 1st period if you need help clearing up your grammar or just want to discuss the best food in Minneapolis!

Emily Lind

Hi, I’m Emily! I took AP Seminar last year as a sophomore, and I am currently enrolled in AP Comp as a junior. If you need any type of help in the grammar and formatting field, I’m your girl! I can also help you with brainstorming, outlining, and sentence fluency. If I’m not in the Writing Center, you’ll usually find me in the music wing tootin’ a toon on my trumpet, whether it be for symphonic, marching, pit, or pep band. In the spring I do hurdles and pole vault on the Armstrong track team, and hopefully I’ll catch some of you there this season! I work in a bakery, so if you swing by the ERC 1st hour you might get lucky and leave with a donut and some helpful tips to improve your paper!

Tina Chi

Hi, I’m Tina! I took AP Composition as a Junior so I know how rigorous the course is and how frustrating it is to not write a paper the way you envisioned. If you ever need help with essay structure, sentence fluency, or even brainstorming, come into the English Resource Center and come chat with me! I’d like to say narrative essays are my best essays to not only write but edit! Besides writing, I enjoy volunteering at local schools watching over and playing with children; it is my goal to get a chemistry or biochemistry major and become a pediatrician in the near future. Along with that, I love assisting my peers with questions whether it’s math-related or chemistry-related as I will try my best to help!

Avital Harris

Hi, I’m Avital! I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, AP Composition as a Junior, and I am currently taking AP Research. I love helping anyone write anything from speeches to creative stories so hit me up with any questions or help at all. I also strangely love research papers so if you’re struggling feel free to ask for my help. Not only do I love english though; I'm the captain of both the Armstrong Swim and Dive team and the Armstrong Ultimate Frisbee team. I also participate in various clubs around the school including Best Buddies and National Honor Society. After I graduate I’m hoping to double major in political science and American history. Feel free to stop by during second hour and get some feedback or just say hi.

Isabel Friske

Hi, I’m Isabel! I am a former AP Composition student. This year, I am currently taking AP Spanish Literature, but I took AP Spanish Language and Culture (10th grade). If you need any help with Spanish I’m your girl. Whether it’s writing papers, figuring out the correct outlines for cultural comparisons, or even emails, I’ve got your back. In English, I love rhetorical analysis, narrative essays, and argumentative essays. I am very good at getting rid of unnecessary information, using rhetorical devices, transitions, and following outlines. In addition to writing, I am a captain for AHS girls lacrosse, I’m in NHS, and I have three jobs (life guarding, teaching swimming lessons, and being a camp counselor). Also, I love traveling and being outdoors. In the future, I plan on getting a major in Spanish and becoming a physician assistant. I am in the ERC 2nd hour! Feel free to stop by and ask for help or send me your papers! :)

Margo Heuisler

Hi, I’m Margo Heuisler! Last year I was enrolled in AP Composition and I scored a 3 on the AP test! This year, I am currently enrolled in AP Literature with Mrs. Lovitt. My favorite essays to work on are narratives—mostly because I get to learn more about you—but, I don’t discriminate. Whether it is narratives, rhetorical analysis, definition, or arguments, I’ll always be available for help. If you’re looking for a cold water edit, elevated diction, improved syntax, or a way to flavor your essay with rhetoric definitely come and visit me in the ERC! Along with my passion for reading and writing I am involved in many extracurricular activities! I am the captain of the AHS girls cross country team, The American Cancer Society’s Kicking Carcinoma team, and I’m on the AHS varsity girls basketball and track team. After my final year at Armstrong I am hoping to earn a degree in aerospace engineering and to fly F-35s (look up a video! So cool!). I’m very curious about my future and I love to learn from the past. Whatever my future holds, I just know it will be an adventure. Come see me third hour in the ERC! I can’t wait to meet you!

Ella Holden

Hey, I’m Ella! Last year I took AP composition and I really enjoyed it. I specialize mainly in narratives, descriptive writing, syntax, and catching grammatical errors. Aside from writing, I’m first stand violist in the symphony orchestra—and have been since sophomore year! I’m in NHS, best buddies, environmental club, and I’m a nationally ranked weightlifter. After high school, I’m planning on continuing lifting in college with a major in either sport science, kinesiology, or physiology. Swing by the writing center third hour for help or just to chat! I can lift weights and your english grade😜.

Hana Kebede

Hi, I’m Hana! I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, AP Comp as a junior and am currently enrolled in AP Research. My specialties are wordiness, using strong diction, identifying and creating the right tone for your audience, formulating a strong argument while using trustworthy sources, rhetorical analysis and using rhetorical devices, or even just last minute grammar fixes! I play the clarinet for Marching Band and bass clarinet for Symphonic Band. I love listening to music, and enjoy reading Romance, Crime, and Science Fiction. To relax and unwind I like to watch movies or tv shows, go outside, do hot yoga and go running. Come see me in the writing center if you need any help, even if it has nothing to do with editing your paper :).

Ilee Folkens

I previously took AP Seminar as a sophomore and received a 5 on the test. Additionally, I am currently enrolled in AP Comp as a junior. I am more than willing to help with any essay but specialize in academic argumentative essays. If you want any help finding resources, brainstorming ideas, outlines, writing with better diction, and creating a better flow/line of reasoning come visit me 4th hour in the ERC. When I’m not writing you’ll most likely find me on the in the music wing in some form of band, researching random and oddly specific subjects for fun, watching creepy crime shows, or out on the softball field for hours at a time. Stop by anytime for help with writing or simply want to discuss whatever you want to talk about! Best of luck with writing!

Kathlyn Wagner

Hello, I’m Kathlyn! I took AP Comp and Creative Writing last year as a junior. If you need help with narrative and descriptive writing, come talk to me! My strengths also include diction, smooth transitions, organization and creative brainstorming. I love to be creative and come up with ideas to help you improve! Besides writing, I love to be active and be outside. I am on the track team and I compete in triple jump and high jump. Other than school and track, I have a job as a waitress at 50’s Grill. For the future I plan on attending college in Minnesota and staying close to my roots. Come visit me in the ERC during 4th hour or visit me at 50’s Grill and I can serve you some delicious malts!

Alyssa Hopper

Hello, I’m Alyssa. I’m a former AP Seminar and AP Comp student, and am currently enrolled in AP Lit. Come see me in the Writing Center 5th Hour if you’d like help formulating your essay and improving your language. I also find joy in fixing all the nitty-gritty details of your essay. Whether it be simple grammar, making the essay flow, or finding the perfect word to make your sentence just right, I’m your person. I’m an avid reader (I read 63 books in 2018 and am on track to beat that in 2019), so I learn from the best writers in history. ;) Outside of writing, I’m a math and science tutor. In college, I’m planning on majoring in physics or genetic studies. In my future, I hope to work as an astrophysicist at NASA or be on a genetic modification research team, such as the CRISPR-Cas9 researchers. I love to play the cello, solve indefinite integrals, and watch VSauce videos (the one on Banach-Tarski’s paradox is my favorite). If you want to discuss your writing and/or converse about theoretical physics, stop by!

Samantha Peterson

I and a former AP Comp student, and in that class I mastered many skills that I didn’t know I had. I excelled in the class which led to earning a 4 on the AP test. I specialize in transitions but I am also happy to help with rhetorical strategies, sentence structure, brainstorming, diction and much more. Outside of school I love spending time with my plentiful pets and countless cousins.

Ava Rausch

Hey, I’m Ava. I like long walks on the beach, finding the deeper meaning in texts, and editing your papers. I’ve always excelled in English classes and being in AP Comp junior year really expanded my love for writing. In the future I plan on getting a degree in journalism and working as a writer either freelance or for a magazine in New York City. My favorite papers to edit are rhetorical analysis and personal narratives, but I won’t complain if I edit your argumentation. I’m very skilled in adding pathos to any essay as I once made an editor cry while reading one of my papers. If you’re in AP Comp and need help with ‘In Cold Blood’ by Truman Capote, it’s one of my favorites and I would be happy to help you find images and symbols that would wow your teachers. When I’m not submerged in homework I’m on the Relay for Life committee, a tennis captain, and a Starbucks barista. If you’re stuck and need a place to start or an idea to follow, I'm your gal so come visit me 5th hour!

Lauren Ledoux

I took AP Comp my junior year, and have always excelled in English classes. My strongest skill is editing and adding rhetoric to writing. I love messing around with syntax and sentence structure too, and I especially like to edit in suggestion mode instead of leaving comments. I am good at communicating pathos through my writing and can also help with word choice and elevated diction. I’ve played volleyball and lacrosse throughout high school but my senior year I am focusing on working in order to move out and across the country for modeling. I don’t plan on attending college because I am extremely burnt out and have zero interest in anything, but I still have enough energy to edit your essays!

Priya Thomas

Hey, I’m Priya! I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, AP Comp as a junior, and am currently in AP Research. My strengths are making synthesis papers and arguments sound cohesive and working with syntax and elevated diction to make your words as powerful as possible. I love editing and am great at looking over a paper to make those last minute grammar and sentence structure changes. I’m really involved with the choir program at Armstrong, I’m one of the managers for the Chamber Singers and sing in Concert Choir. I also play on the Armstrong tennis team and play piano outside of school. Right now I’m looking into colleges and hope to major in Spanish and possibly Psychology. I’m happy to help take your writing to the next level- visit me in the ERC during 6th hour!

Hannah Spadaccini

I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, AP Comp as a junior, and am now enrolled in AP Research. I excel in evaluating and combining information from sources, brainstorming topics and questions, and playing around with diction and syntax to help you create a paper you will be proud of. I am excited to become involved in editing your papers and assisting with any questions or concerns you have. At Armstrong, I am the president of Best Buddies and I work hard to make sure everyone feels included within this school. I work at LifeTime Fitness and as a result, I have been involved in the weightlifting program they offer called Alpha, and I absolutely love it. For the future, I am planning on staying in the Twin Cities and getting my degree in Kinesiology with a minor or double major in Spanish. I am very excited to be a writing tutor this year!

Jack Major

Hello, I’m Jack Major. I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, and AP Comp last year as a junior. I feel comfortable with all types of writing, but I excel with synthesis, research, or argumentation papers. If you ever need help discovering the perfect source, strengthening your line of reasoning, or finding the perfect word to emphasize your point, come to me. I enjoy helping others answer those big questions they have with their papers, so feel free to ask me for help whenever. I play football and baseball for Armstrong, I am in Link Crew and NHS, and I also volunteer/work outside of school. After high school I plan to attend the U of M Twin Cities and major in biomedical engineering or neuroscience. If you ever have questions with writing/other work outside of your English class, ask away! I’m excited to make your papers better and life easier.

Noah Patterson

Hey, I’m Noah! I took AP Seminar during my sophomore year and AP Comp during my junior year. I love to write stories, so if you ever need help with a narrative, then you should come and see me. Editing is my greatest strength. If you ever need to find a new word or rephrase a sentence or fix the flow of your writing, then I can help. I am super excited about helping you this year. At Armstrong, I am part of Student Council, I’m an officer for National Honor Society, and I participate in Relay for Life. Outside of school, I love listening to music and spending time with friends and family. Also, my mom and I foster service dogs from Can do Canines. Come visit me in the Writing Center during 7th hour if you ever need help or if you just want to talk!

Tiffany Dinh

Hi, my name is Tiffany! I took AP Seminar as a sophomore, AP Composition as a junior, and I am currently taking AP Literature. I love to work on argumentative essays and narratives— I can help you sell that point and allow the reader to step into your paper with powerful diction. I can help you find scholarly, reputable sources for your paper using top secret search engines (AP Sem kids will know!) I am also very meticulous with grammar; I hate to see comma splices. I am the co-president of Environmental Club and principal viola in Symphony. I am an avid matcha tea drinker, so I am always on the hunt for the best ones. I’m a shopaholic who always has room for more clothes. I enjoy binge-watching Netflix (currently watching Friends) and doing calligraphy. For the future, I hope to pursue something medical— I love brains! Come see me in the ERC during 7th period if you want to talk bubble tea, the environment, shopping, or if you just want my help on your paper, of course!