How Do I?

Chromebook Hardware

Chromebook Hardware Overview

This video shows you the various ports & charging methods for your Chromebook.

Powering On Your Chromebook

This video shows you how to power on your Chromebook, and what to do if it doesn't turn on right away.

(We're always a Help Desk Ticket away if you need us!)

Chromebook - Wifi Setup & Logging In

Connect to WiFi and Login

You've powered on your Chromebook, now what? Let's get it connected to WiFi and get you Logged In.

About Student Emails and Passwords:

Student email addresses are made up of:

Passwords are made up of your initials twice, in all caps, then your two digit birth month, and two digit birthday.

For example,

For a student named Homer Simpson, with a birthday of May 12th, the password would be: HSHS0512

If you have a long first name or last name, your email address may be shortened. The max number of letters for the first name is eight (8), and the max number of letters for the last name is nine (9).

For example:

Bartholomew Simpson's email address would be:

Roxana Student Portal Overview

You're already here, so that's a good start! :)
This video gives a quick explanation of the Student Portal.

Google Classroom

Classroom Stream Page & Assignments

Watch this video to find out how to find your Assignments, and how to complete an assignment when a teacher provides you with a Google Doc to work in.

How to Upload a File for an Assignment

Sometimes, you might need to upload a photo, video or other file for an assignment. Here's how.

Creating a New Document for an Assignment

You might also need to make a NEW Google Doc for an assignment. Here's how to do that right in Google Classroom.

Joining a Classroom Google Meet

Your teachers will use Google Meet to teach virtually! Unless specified by your teacher, we use the Google Meet link provided from within Google Classroom to join. Check it out!

Parents & Guardians - Email Summaries

Parents & Guardians, we'll be inviting you to receive Google Classroom Email Summaries directly to your email! This video explains in further detail what the Email Summaries are all about!

Please note that in order to receive an invite, your email address will have to be on file with us in Skyward. Please contact your child's school office to have your email address added.