Rutland Town School

Visual Art

The Visual Arts Program at Rutland Town School is based on the principles and practices of TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior).

It is a choice-based, studio environment where students are given the skills, support, resources, space and time to respond to their own interests and ideas through the making of art. The Curriculum is Aligned to both the Vermont Proficiencies for the Visual Arts and the National Core Arts Standards.

The idea is simple; Students are artists and the classroom is their studio.

“The student is the artist. This powerful statement insures that students will have control over their subject matter, materials, and approach... Art that is created from the meaningful context of young artists' lives enhances relevancy and authenticity. Students who maintain control over their work are invested and have incentives to take risks. Resulting artwork is often powerful and profound.”

“By respecting the child as artist, the art teacher sets the stage for authentic creative exploration. Increased confidence leads to actions, which, in turn, stimulate initiative. Repeated over time, these spiraling actions result in artistic growth.”

Douglas & JaquithEngaging Learners through Artmaking