Preschool Fun

I am Sybren Spensley, one of the new preschool teachers at Rutland Town School. I have previous experience working in preschool at both Caverly preschool in Pittsford and Barstow school. I am excited to have the privilege of working with our youngest students. We have been learning a lot already this year!

At Rutland Town School, we provide children with opportunities to explore their environment through a variety of play opportunities. We want to make this first school experience fun and exciting. We work with parents and the community to instill a lifelong love for learning in our children.

Our preschool is based on the premise that children learn best through play; especially when that play is supported by adults with knowledge of how young children develop and with an awareness of each child as an individual. In our preschool program children are provided with opportunities to play in a learning environment that addresses a child’s developmental needs for:

  • movement
  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • cognitive development, and
  • social interactions with adults and other children.

This is the link to the Vermont State Center based licensing regulations:

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