Ms. Marcus' Science Classes

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Jump Rope Pilot Information

This quarter we will be piloting Jump Rope, a program designed specifically for reporting progress in proficiency based courses. You can log into the portal using your Google Account here. If you have difficulty logging in, let me know. Please refer to the list below as the codes are slightly different than what you see in Infinite Campus. At this time only the Biology and Earth & Physical Science pilots are set up.


E - Exceeds Proficiency

M - Meets Proficiency

A - Approaching Proficiency

B - Beginning Proficiency

N - No Evidence: This code is used for summative assessments which DO count toward your overall level of proficiency. It means that this assessment is past due and must be completed as soon as possible to demonstrate your learning. This is equivalent to a missing assignment counting as a zero in a traditional grading system.

U - Unrated: This code is used for formative assessments which DO NOT count toward your overall level of proficiency. It means that the assignment was not turned in, but it is not lowering your overall score for any given indicator. A large number of assessments with a "U" score will be reflected in lower scores on work habits.

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