PHS LMC Vision

The PHS Library Media Center exists to support and encourage 21st century learning by exposing students and staff to current and trending forms of technology utilizing a variety of work spaces and media to promote creative and practical problem solving. Offering large and small meeting spaces, a Makerspace and mobile furniture to promote flexible, effective collaboration and communication, the LMC serves as an innovative location in which students can dream, invent and explore.

Contact: Twitter: LMC_PHS

Newly renovated, the LMC has two separate areas in which students can work, collaboratively meet or read. The larger room offers a Makerspace, 14 desktops, a printer, scanner, digital cameras, recording equipment an ENO board and hosts virtual learning classes for PHS students. The smaller room houses the print library and is designed for quieter activities. Whether you're actively creating and collaborating or need a peaceful place to concentrate, the LMC is the place to be.