December 2018

East Rutherford Middle School

Counselor Connection is a spaces where monthly resources, news, and support will be shared in an effort to assist students and parents at East Middle School. This month, we will be reflecting on some of what has been happening at ERMS over the past month.

Lunch buddies making a lasting impact on students

We are so thankful to have support from our community members serving as Lunch Buddy Mentors. This program, while still in the early stages, has had an excellent response and many students reportedly talking about this program with excitement long after mentors left the building. The Lunch Buddy Program pairs each student with an adult volunteer who has completed a background check. Participation in the program is voluntary. Mentors eat lunch with their lunch buddy once a month in the commons area and serve as an additional positive role model that students can have to discuss academic, career, or personal goals. In the photos below, some of our mentors are pictured with their lunch buddy taking a tour around the school.If you have a student interested in being a part of this program or know of anyone who would like to become a mentor, please contact ERMS at 828-245-3750.

patsy bailey & haven hill; gail powell & mary grace beam

Wendy glover & haley tate

Mary ford & Destiny Gililand

david cox & Mason Mensch

ERMS VALOR seminar

We are also very thankful for our community support through Viking Valor Seminars. This past month, a small group of students heard personal experience, life lessons, and inspirational messages from Joy Vandyke and Giorgio Lowrance. Both messages had similar themes regarding the importance of seizing the moment to begin making positive changes. What a simple, yet powerful message when applied!

mrs. Joy Vandyke

mr. giorgio lowrance

vikings in forest city christmas parade

Our ERMS Viking did a great job waving, greeting, and handing out candy in the Forest City Christmas Parade. This year, Rutherford County had a RCS Bus for students and staff to be a part of the parade.

Replacing Fear with Hope

As discussed in one the previous newsletters earlier in the year, we are striving to teach students at ERMS to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. In other words, we want to teach our students to look at setbacks as an opportunity to learn rather than giving up. This video is an inspirational video that reminds us to not let the fear of failing limit dreams. By having a growth mindset, this eliminates the fear of failure. Failure doesn't have to be a permanent state unless we choose to view it this way. Instead, we can view it as a challenge to push harder and learn. We hope to instill this mindset in our East Middle Vikings.

Practicing gratitude

We have all probably heard the message about the importance of having an attitude of gratitude. It is very easy to get trapped into negative thinking and forget to be thankful. However, a part from just the positive shift in mood, did you know gratitude actually can have benefits for sleep, overall physical health, and self esteem?

You can find out more here.

This month of December, try practicing gratitude and see if you notice any changes.

Thank you for taking time to read Counselor Connection this month! This time of year is filled with excitement, but also one of business and sometimes it is common to feel overwhelmed this time of year. We are proud of the hard work our Vikings have shown this year. Thank you to parents, students, and staff all working as a team.

We hope you have a wonderful December!