Chase High School Graduation Projects

Graduation Project Process

The Graduation Project consists of four main components:

  • The Research Paper: The paper will be 5-7 pages in MLA format in which students use a variety of sources and cover the topic thoroughly. This paper will be the written component of the research students will do on a chosen topic. We strongly encourage students to choose a topic that will involve research in the careers they are considering pursuing, or they might choose another topic of great interest to them that would help them make more educated decisions about their futures.
  • A Physical Product or a Related Activity: The students will be involved in an activity or complete a physical product that evolves from the research. Evidence of this product/activity may include a videotape, performance, model, booklet or pamphlet, something that is constructed or put together, or an activity in which the student engages. The product/activity should create community awareness or involve the community in some manner.
      • Each student will have a mentor. A graduation project mentor is a community and/or faculty member who has expertise and experience with the project topic and will guide the student through the physical product or related activity. The student will meet with the mentor at least four times.
      • Each student will have an advisor. The advisor is a faculty member who will guide the student throughout the Graduation Project process. The advisor will discuss successes and challenges with the student and encourage and assist him/her in meeting deadlines. The student will meet with the advisor at least four times.
  • The Portfolio: Students will create a portfolio as a record and visual of their work during the Graduation Project process. This portfolio will also serve as an account of their achievements. All written material and related visuals will be kept in the portfolio.
  • The Presentation: The 8-10 minute oral presentation will be given before a panel of judges from the community and the school. It is a culmination of every other component. The event will be formal, and everyone involved should take it seriously. During the presentation, students will present their topic and experiences with the Graduation Project. They should also reflect on how they matured as a learner because of the effort they put into the process. For use in students' formal oral presentations, they will design a digital presentation. They will use facts, statistics, relevant material, photographs, or other visuals which will give their audience a better understanding of their topic.