Fifth Grade

Week of March 30 - April 3

Week 2 Videos and Devotions by Coach Barber:


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Keri Whitt ~ Monday-Friday 11:00-12:00

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English/Language Arts

  • Ch. 13 ~Adjectives and Adverbs

Monday, March 30~

(the above document is a poster about adjectives and what they describe)

Wednesday, April 1~

  • IXL ~ MM.2 (due today by noon)
  • watch video
  • Independent Practice pg. 234 complete Apply and Write (picture or scan due by noon on Monday, April 6)



Monday, March 30~

Wednesday, April 1~

  • IXL ~ J.1 (due today by noon)
  • watch video
  • Raz Kids ~ Read and complete assessment (complete by noon on Monday, April 6)



God is Good at Victory

God provided the victory for Joshua and the Israelites as they battle Jericho, Ai, and Gibeon

Friday, April 3~

(the above document is a copy of 10 Biblical Concepts that we use in class)



Topic 9 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

DTR this week ~

  • Click the link below - due Tuesday, April 7 by noon

Tuesday, March 31 ~

***The following assignments are due by noon today:

    1. IXL M.12 and M.20
    2. DTR 6-1, 6-2

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Below is the Math Antics video link:

  • IXL N.3 - due Thursday, April 2 by noon

Thursday, April 2 ~

  • Watch video
  • IXL N.1 - due Tuesday, April 7 by noon


Social Studies

The French and Indian War

Monday, March 30 ~

***Picture of accordion foldable due today by noon (please see video from March 25 for instructions)

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Link for French and Indian War Web:

  • French and Indian War Web - due Wednesday, April 1 by noon

Wednesday, April 1 ~

  • Watch video
  • Click the link below for the instructions for INB slideshow:

  • Click the link below for my example of the slideshow:

  • Click the link below for video on how to insert a photo into your slideshow:

  • INB Slideshow - due Wednesday, April 9 by noon



Chapter 7 ~ Part 1 (pages 171-181)

Tuesday, March 31 ~

***WS pg. 121 due today by noon (see video from March 26 for instructions)

For today's lesson:

  • No video today!
  • Complete worksheet pg. 122. It's on the back of pg. 121 that is due today (it says Study Guide at the top). Make sure you answer all the questions. Numbers 8-10 need to be in complete sentences. Due on Thursday, April 2 by noon.

Thursday, April 2 ~

  • Watch video
  • The link for the test/project is below:

  • Test/Project - due Thursday, April 9 by noon

Mrs. Broad

Art Lesson

Please click here for your student's Art eLearning day!

Please fill out questions within google forms and turn in a picture of your student's artwork to

From last week:

Art March 23- March 27 - Due April 3

Art eLearning Link

Mrs Friedel

Ms Briner


It is due April 9th.

Have fun! 5th grade Form lesson

From last week:

Music - March 23- March 27 - Due April 3

5th grade link

Coaches Marlar & Barber


Follow along with the workout on the video. Have a family member join along with you and have some fun with a little Tae Bo workout!


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