The "New" US History Regents Exam

The "New" US History Regents Exam

The new Framework-Based Regents exam in United States History and Government will be offered for the first time to students on June 2, 2020. There will be a period of time where both the "old" and "new" exams will be offered concurrently - see chart to the right for scheduling information.

The exam will be similar to the revisions we're seeing on the Global History exam with respect to skills, but the format of the Part II and Part III portions of the exam have some differences. See below for all information that has been share with us from NYSED thus far.

Related Documents:

  • Performance Level Descriptors for the Framework-Based United States History & Government Regents Exam.
  • Task Models for the Part I multiple choice portion of the exam.
  • Test Design: The test includes stimulus-based multiple-choice questions, two short-essay questions (document-based), and a document based "Civic Literacy Essay".

  • Test Prototypes: NYSED released the first Framework-based US History and Government Regents exam prototypes on June 19, 2019.
  • Educator Guide: A soup-to-nuts guide to the design, content, and implementation of the new exam.

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