The "New" Global

Click HERE for a "lessons learned" document containing tips and resources to use based on our first-year experiences with the new Global exam.

The New Global History & Geography Regents Exam

In the 2018-2019 school year, we will expect all students to sit for the new Framework-Based Global History and Geography Regents Exam. This page provides information and resources to help you prepare your students for this change.

Timeline For The Transition

The "Transition" Exam...

  • Will first be administered in June 2018 with the last administration in June 2020
  • Will only contain 30 multiple choice questions instead of 50.
  • Will have a Thematic Essay and DBQ as in the past.
  • Be based only on Units 5-8 and the Methodologies Unit of our old NYS Global Core Curriculum - NOT Global I content from units 1-4.
  • The Test Specifications Grid approximates the number of questions from each standard and unit.

The "New Framework" Exam...

  • Will first be administered in June 2019 and will be the only exam administered when the transition exam phases out.
  • Is formatted to include 25-30 stimulus based-multiple choice questions, 2-3 sets of three short-answer questions (with 2 documents per set), and 1 enduring issues essay (including 5 documents).
  • NYSED has produced a video webinar series (below) to outline the format of the new exam and the exam creation process.

Overview of the "New" Global II Regents:

2018-05 Overview of Framework GHG2

Draft Prototype Items:

Draft Global Prototype Items (March 2016)

Evidence Centered Design

Evidence-Centered Design

Global Assessment- Evidence-Centered Design.mp4

Related Resources:

Part I: Multiple Choice

Part I Multiple Choice

Global Exam part 1- Multiple-Choice Questions.mp4

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Part I Multiple Choice Task Models

Global History and Geography II- Part 1 Task Models.mp4

Part II: Constructed Response Questions

Part II Short Answer Questions

Global Exam part 2- Short Answer Constructed-Response Questions.mp4

Part III: Enduring Issues Essay

Other Materials & Updates

Understanding the Enduring Issues Essay Workshop

Other Useful Materials