October 11, 2019 Superintendent's Day

The October 11 Superintendent's Day is a building-based day which will allow you to stay in your school to take part in varied activities.

Depending on your building's plans, you may have time to dive deeper into social studies-specific activities as a building, department, or grade-level team. To support you in doing so, we have gathered valuable information and resources for you to use below. You will find several different activities for individual teachers and/or whole schools to enact which support the goals of our district and the Social Studies Department. Activities that you could enact include:

For 7-12 Social Studies Teachers:

    • Analyzing Regents Exam Data to Take Action (1-2 hours)
    • Expectations of the "NEW" Social Studies Regents Exams (~1-2 hours)

For Elementary Teachers:

    • Introduction to the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework (~30 minutes)
    • Introduction to the NYS Toolkit Inquiries for Social Studies (~1-2 hours)

For Any Staff K-12:

    • Teaching Accurate and Comprehensive Black History in K-12 Schools (~1.5-2 hours)

For 7-12 Social Studies Teachers...

Analyzing Past Regents Data

While looking at summative data like Regents exam reports has its limits, it is an important exercise to engage in so we can identify patterns and trends in student performance over time. This helps us to evaluate our programs, set goals and strategic actions, and align our future work with student need.

This accompanying document provides structure to teams who aim to improve teaching and learning in social studies using available Regents exam data. Links to data sources and resources to use in alignment with the Data Wise process are listed.

Expectations of the "NEW" Social Studies Regents Exams

All students are now expected to sit for the new Framework-Based Regents Examination in Global History and Geography II and United States History and Government in June 2020. The revised formats of these exams brings particular types of tasks to students which they have not been tested before. It is our responsibility - in all grade levels - to have a full understanding of these tasks and plan learning in our classrooms that prepares students for success on this exam. Use the following resources to facilitate discussion in your team about the best ways to do this:

*you can find all information related to the new Global exam at tiny.cc/rcsdss-global

The Evidence Centered Design Process

Global Assessment- Evidence-Centered Design.mp4

For Elementary Social Studies Teachers...

Introduction to the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework

View the brief introductory video and discuss the following:

The New York State Toolkit Inquiries for Grades K-6

View this brief video that introduces the NYS Social Studies Toolkit.

*Additional resources centered on the Toolkit can be found on our Inquiry in Social Studies page

For aNY staff...

Teaching Accurate and Comprehensive Black History in K-12 Schools (K-12)

The centerpiece of this learning experience is a webinar sponsored by the National Black Council for School Board Members, National School Boards Association originally broadcast on March 14, 2018. The presenter is Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries of Ohio State University. Dr. Jeffries is also involved Teaching Tolerance’s Teaching Hard History: A Framework for Teaching American Slavery project. Consider reading Dr. Jeffries’ article, The Courage to Teach Hard History, as an introduction to that work as a follow-up to this experience.

Before viewing this hour-long webinar, read the provided focus questions HERE and keep them in mind while you're watching. Use the graphic organizer to take notes while you're watching and reflect on your learning.

NSBA - Teaching Accurate and Comprehensive Black History in America's K-12 Schools.mp4