The Peep Project

Hello everyone - and welcome to 'The Peep Project.' The 5th Grade POD here at RISE Community School is hard at work learning about life cycles. This morning - we put about 53 eggs in incubators spread between all 4 classrooms! We are SO excited to see how many chickens we get and what colors they will be. Stay posted for exciting polls AND an opportunity to submit names for the chickens!!

Peep peep









Princess Peep


Lil' Beak

Tyrannosaurus Pecks

Internal PIP


Albert Eggstein

Lil' Reaves

Cluck Norris


Ernest Henningway


Stages of chick development - Days 1 through 21

Watch video to see what is happening each day our eggs are in the incubator!

Use this chart to track the development in the eggs each day.

Why are the eggs in the incubator different colors?

The color of the egg depends on the breed of the chicken. Different breeds lay different color eggs. White eggs mostly come from leghorn chickens. Eggs with blue shells are typical of the Ameriucana chicken and brown eggs are typical to the Barnevelders, Marans and Welsumers.

Interesting fact: Sometimes you can tell what color egg a hen will lay based on the color of her ear lobes.

For more information, check out this cool resource we found:

What is the life cycle of a chicken?

On average, a chicken will live between three to five years (some breeds are known to live longer), and have three distinct life phases: egg, chick and chicken stage. In each stage a chicken will have differing needs to ensure they continue to develop healthily throughout their lifetime.

For more information on each stage of their life cycle, check out this website: