Ready, Set, Go!

Using Technology to Transform Teaching & Learning

The Rochester City School District (RCSD) is undertaking a major digital transformation effort to improve educational opportunities for Rochester students. Through the professional learning opportunities offered in theLearning Technology Grant project, teachers and administrators will learn how to bring about a digital shift in their schools. Teachers will integrate technology into daily instruction and create personalized learning environments that capture student interest and transform learning.

The three goals of Rochester’s project are to:

  • Deliver high quality professional learning opportunities that will prepare educators for the instructional shifts needed to achieve digital transformation,
  • Utilize innovative teaching and learning technologies to transform instruction and engage students in more personalized learning, and
  • Increase student engagement and improve student learning outcomes through greater personalized learning and instruction.

The District's project includes three key strategies that will encourage the digital transformation of education in Rochester schools. These strategies are:

  • Teachers will participate in leveled professional learning opportunities entitled Ready, Set, Go! The series will demonstrate WHY it is essential that teachers integrate technology into their instructional practice (Ready), WHAT they should do differently (Set), and HOW they can achieve a transformation of their instructional practice (Go!).
  • Instructional Technology Lead Teachers will provide school-based support for teachers as they integrate technology and shift instructional practice.
  • Administrators will learn to lead educational technology initiatives and inspire teachers.