Active At Home: Winter

Ms. L's Mega Dance Mix!

Sometimes we all just need a little motivation to get moving. This is a youtube playlist of some of our favorite dance videos. Press play and get moving!

Winter Activity Ideas

Things to Look Out for in our Community

  • Pee Wee Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Bowling
  • Volleyball
  • Figure Skating
  • Ice Fishing
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Cheerleading
  • Roller Skating

NYS Parks & Programs

Getting outside in the wintertime can be tough. Check out these resources to motivate your families to keep moving through the colder months.

Available at: Taconic, Wellesley Island, Allegany, Betty & Wilbur Davis, Golden Hill, and Oquaga Creek State Parks. Book Online

40 Things to do when you've got the winter blues

1.Make a snow angel by lying on your back in the snow and spreading out your arms to the side then moving them up and down. Get up carefully and see your angel with wing prints.

2.Build a snow fort. Have a snow ball fight.

3.Build a snowman. Give him a carrot nose and a hat.

4.Take a walk and look for animal tracks.

5.Play chase, tag, or hide and seek.

6.Plant pansies. They do well in a moderate climate all winter.

7.Wash the car

8.Ride your bike or scooter or sled.

9.Jump on a trampoline.

10.Shovel snow.

11. In shed or garage, repair dog house. Paint the house. Add hay for warm bedding.

12. Look for poetry or story ideas.

13. Hunt for bird nests. Note ones high in trees that you can watch next summer.

14. Take photos of trees. Compare to summer.

15. Ice skate.

16. Go sledding down a hill.

17. Shovel a path in the yard like a maze.

18. Put up a bird feeder.

19. Have a snowball battle.

20. Visit with neighbors. Drink hot chocolate outside.

21.Lick an icicle.

22.Sit in a sunny place and absorb sunshine.

23.Play with toy cars and trucks in the dirt or snow.

24.Dig holes and build some snow castles.

25.Play expedition. Pretend you are an explorer going to the North Pole.

26.Pull someone or something in a wagon or on a sled.

27.Take a nature hike.

28.Check out last year's garden plot. How has it changed?

29.Draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk, if dry, or stamp out words in the snow.

30.Make a neighborhood map. Color it later inside.

31.Decorate a tree in your yard with streamers to blow in the wind.

32.Watch for animals--squirrels, deer, cats, dogs, horses. What animals are in your neighborhood?

33.Have a winter picnic. Take along a warm sandwich and cookies in an insulated bag , cocoa in a thermos or even hot soup in a soup thermos. Take a blanket to sit on.

34.Sketch houses, barns, buildings, plants and animals.

35.Look for winter plants to look up later and study.

36.Power walk or jog.

37.Go out at night and see the stars.

38.Feed ducks and water birds.