School Counseling

Students: If you need to speak with either Ms. Beard or Mrs. Paxton, please complete this form: Request to see your School Counselor

Parents/Guardians: If you need to speak with one of the School Counselors, please call MRMS at 540-463-3129 or email us (email addresses are below).

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MRMS Parent Presentation - 2nd nine weeks: Emotional Well Being Check In

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Who We Are: School Counselors support students by helping them grow academically, personally, and socially. We help students become motivated learners and encourage them to discuss concerns with their parents or guardians. When students work through their social and emotional issues with the help of their parents or guardians and school counselor, they are able to devote attention and energy to doing their best in school. Counselors work with students in a variety of different capacities, whether it is through classroom lessons, small groups, or individual counseling meetings. We collaborate with teachers, parents, and community agencies in order to help students be successful at school.

What We Do: Counselors work directly with students in individual and group counseling sessions as well as in classroom lessons to help students:

  • Adjust to a new school

  • Be successful in school

  • Establish effective study skills

  • Set and accomplish academic goals

  • Explore career possibilities

  • Build positive feelings towards self and others

  • Develop skills in interacting and communicating with others

  • Develop conflict resolution skills

  • Cope with change

  • Become responsible for their behavior

  • Receive crisis intervention when necessary

Contact Us! We welcome all opportunities to speak with you about your child. Due to the many responsibilities school counselors have during the school day, there is no guarantee we will be available to meet if you “drop in.” Please call or email your child’s counselor to schedule an appointment in advance.

Program of Studies for 2020-2021

Maury River Middle School Program of Studies 2020-2021 .pdf

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