Rutland High School EPIC

Engaging Programs & Inspiring Connections

EPIC is FREE to all students but we ask that you complete the enrollment form below.

It can be returned via email to or to the RHS Office.

RMS RHS EPIC Enrollment Form SY 2020-21.docx


Philosophy of Youth Guidance & Discipline

EPIC is committed to providing youth with a safe, enriching environment where they can receive help with their homework and be exposed to new opportunities and experiences.

EPIC promotes a social, physical, creative and emotional growth in a respectful community of students. They come together to explore their community and the state through well-planned field trips. There are frequent activities that allow students to reach out and serve the community.

EPIC hires highly qualified staff, most of whom work during the school day. It is our desire to have enough adults available so students can feel valued, cared about and feel like important members of the program. Staff ratios are maintained as appropriate based on the activity.