RCPS Communication Plan

WHY? Why did RCPS feel a need to complete a communication audit?

  • To uncover any communication gaps that exist between the district and its parents and staff.

  • To identify factors affecting the effectiveness of the district's communication program.

HOW? How did RCPS conduct this audit?

  • Materials Review

    • Examples of district materials:

      • Communication materials distributed to parents and /or staff

      • School board policies and goals related to communication's

      • Communication Plan

      • District and school websites

      • District and school social media channels

      • News clips on key issues

  • SCoPE Surveys - Online survey to collect feedback from two stakeholder groups:

    • parents/families

    • employees.

  • Virtual Focus Groups and Interviews -

    • Interviews with administration

    • Interviews with Parent focus group

    • Interviews with Instructional groups and non-instructional groups

WHEN? When did the audit take place?

  • October, 2021 - March, 2022

WHAT? What are the findings?

Two Words That Faculty/Staff Use to Best Describe the District

Faculty/Staff - district desciptives

Two Words That Parents/Families Use to Best Describe the District

Two Words that Parents/Families Use to Best Describe the District
Focus Groups Observations
SCoPE Survey Results