Welcome to the site which will grow as time goes on which will be both a Vision sharing tool plus an outline for the over all Project Management.

Our Goal - To become a Pan-National Church for the Roma peoples who speak the Bayash Language in its various forms and dialects.

These Churches will be under the Spiritual Authority of the Reformed Episcopal Church and directly authorised by Bishop Jasmin Milić based in Osijek Croatia.

Five Core Distinctives

High View of Holy Communion

High View of Liturgy

High View of Scripture

High View of Apostolic Tradition

Liturgical resources translated into Bayash Mother Tongue dialects


Love and Devotion to the Lord Jesus

Open Heart of Obedience to Scripture

Love for all those that love the name of Christ

Serving the Poor and the Oppressed

An Eschatology of Hope

Sign, Symbol and Semiotics as part of Worship