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"Rain rain go away, come again another day!" - One song that has been on every child's tongue this week; and on many parents' and teachers' too! Why not, the rain Gods have shown mercy on the city; and this lovely city, once burning with scorching heat, now looks surreal with the routine showers of rain!

While it is raining outside the school, inside the classrooms too there have been showers of happiness and joy! Our little ones enjoyed the their week at the school with various fun learning activities lined up by our able team at KIS Chembur.

Other than a few hiccups, the past two weeks were fantastic; and the team at Kanakia International school looks forward to many such days to come!

Warm Regards,
Ms. Ankita Sharma | Primary Coordinator
Kanakia International School, Chembur

Recipient of the MID-DAY International Education Icons 2022

The Kanakia International School, Chembur was recently bagged the 'Award for Excellence in Infrastructure' by the prestigious MID-DAY International Education Icons at a grand ceremony in UAE on 19th June 2022.


A special day for all the loving Papas, Abbas, Appas, Daddys & Babas!


Father's Day is celebrated to honor fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in the society. Father's Day acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of fathers to their own families and society at large. On this day, children get a chance to appreciate their fathers and father figures - all the people who have played a vital role in their lives.

Our young learners made Greetings Cards to thank their fathers on this special day and let them know that they mean the world to them!

Creativity at its best!

Grade 2 -
Learners learned about Van Gogh and his contribution to the art world. They also tried to imitate his painting Sunflowers. Sunflowers were made by folding and cutting papers & Learners made a dog face with origami paper and were able to draw an appropriate drawing to go along with it.

Learners were extremely creative with their backgrounds and stories.

Grade 4 -
Learners got to know about Van Gogh and his contribution to the art world. Since this was an introductory session they just learned about his style of painting and strokes. Learners will learn how to paint and create strokes in the next session.


Beat up- World Music Day- 21st June '22

The best thing about World Music Day is that it is completely free to celebrate. No matter what kind of music you love you can take part for free and you can get the whole family involved. Music has the ability to change people's emotions and feelings in a matter of seconds. It has the ability to reduce stress, discomfort, difficulty, and distraction while also bringing happiness and peace into our daily lives. Music has the ability to bring people together in a variety of ways.

"फिज़ूल की बातें करने से हानि होना "

छात्रों को कहानी सुनाना सीखने - सिखाने की सबसे पुरानी और शक्तिशाली विधि है |

कहानियाँ कल्पनाशीलता को बढ़ाती है | छात्रों को कहानी सुनते ही उनके मन में एक

अजीब - सा उत्साह उत्पन्न होता है | बच्चों के मानसिक विकास में कहानियों का

अहम योगदान होता है | छात्रों के जीवन में कहानियाँ केवल मार्गदर्शन का काम ही

नहीं करती है , बल्कि उन्हें आदर्श इंसान बनाने में भी मदद करती है |

छात्रों ने कक्षा में ऐसी ही एक कहानी ; बातूनी कछुआ ; इस कहानी को सबसे

पहले दृक - श्राव्य माध्यम से दिखाकर छात्रों में कहानी के प्रति रुचि उत्पन्न की |

बातूनी कछुआ ; इस कहानी के माध्यम से छात्रों ने फिज़ूल की बातें करने से हानि ही

होती है यह सीख प्राप्त की और छात्र जीवन में सोच समझकर और समय के अनुसार

बातें करने के लिए शिक्षिका ने उन्हें प्रेरित किया |

Master Tech

ICT is technology that supports activities involving information. Such activities include gathering, processing, storing and presenting data. Increasingly these activities also involve collaboration and communication. Hence, Teacher planned a group activity where learners were involved together as a team.

Benefits of Teamwork

Teamwork teaches essential communication and social skills, such as active listening and effective speaking. When working as a team, students learn how to listen to their leaders and coaches in order to perform their individual roles. Students learn how to listen to one another in order to function as a cohesive unit.



Yoga for humanity” is the theme set by the United Nations for the celebration of International Yoga Day 2022. This year's theme aims to focus discussions on the importance of yoga in serving better mental health practices in our lives.

Let’s understand what our ancient Scriptures tell about yoga...

Yoga, the timeless science behind all true religions, consists of systematic and definite steps to realization of the soul’s oneness with Spirit. The essence of the yoga path was set forth in systematic form by the ancient sage Patanjali in his short but masterly work,

Patanjali's Eightfold Path of Yoga:

  • Yama: Non-injury to others, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-covetousness.

  • Niyama : (religious observances): purity of body and mind, contentment in all circumstances, self-discipline, self-study (contemplation), and devotion to God and guru.

  • Asana: Right posture, flexibility of the body.

  • Pranayama: Control of Prana, the subtle life currents in the body.

  • Pratyahara: Interiorization through withdrawal of the senses from external objects.

  • Dharana: Focused concentration; holding the mind to one thought or object.

  • Dhyana: Meditation, absorption in the vast perception of God in one of His infinite aspects — Bliss, Peace, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Sound, Love, Wisdom, etc. — all-pervading throughout the whole universe.

  • Samadhi: Superconscious experience of the oneness of the individualized soul with Cosmic Spirit

Let’s practice the above in our day-to-day life!!!

Let’s watch ……

Action verbs help to create an impact when you're delivering information to another reader. The action verbs give the reader a clear understanding of what is happening.