École Harbour Landing Resources Française

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The French Immersion teachers at Ecole Harbour Landing School have tried to put together some resources to help support you and your child in navigating your way through the immersion experience. Hopefully you find some of the resources helpful!


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Resources for parents interested in learning/refreshing their French.

If you are looking for adult language learning opportunities, there are courses offered through the Canadian Parents for French site.

If you are interested in French Language classes for adults, there are classes available through the College Mathieu.

Great site for finding out information about the French community in Saskatchewan as well as events and supports available.

Sites to help you practice your French.

Duolingo - great site/app for practicing French. This is a language learning program that focuses on vocab recognition and listening and speaking activities. If you were interested in trying to learn a little French at home, it is a simple and easy place to start. No account is necessary, however, with an account your progress is saved.

Duolingo Kids - a version specifically designed for children. This fun application is great for practicing vocabulary. It is available through both the apple and android store.

An account is required, however if you are interested in refreshing your French or leaning it all over again this is a great way to build your functional French as an adult.

This is a great site if you are interested in learning French a different way. Follow along with the play and use the flash card supports to learn in a more innovative way.

Wordreference - an online French/English dictionary that is great for quickly looking up a word in either language. There is an app as well!

This website provides text to speech. Simply type in the word and select your language preference. A character from the website will pronounce the word aloud in the language of your choice.

Sites for practicing vocabulary (Great for parents or children)

Quizlet has tons of flashcards, games, and supports for practicing vocabulary.

Site full of short digital stories, great for reading/exposure to new words. Unfortunately, to have audio you have to sign up.

Stories, nursery rhymes and songs in French. Audio is included with the words, so exposure is possible without being able to speak French.

Tiny Cards - new flash cards feature from Duolingo. Great for building vocabulary. An account is not necessary, but helps if you would like to save progress. (Hint, try searching French numbers, colors, etc)

BBC French Vocab - supports for every topic, thematic lists with audio included so students can practice at home.

Lots of video's and games to explore.

This site is full of children's television shows in French. Some video's will be more appropriate for older children.

This site is great for vocabulary practice.

Online collection of animated, talking picture books that teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book which they can read, or have read to them.

There are both French and English books available.

Is a digital library for kids books. You can try it for free for 30 days. It's a great way expose your child to new books (and French titles as well!)

Bon Patron is an online spell and grammar checker in French, it also provides grammar guidelines, helpful vocabulary and verb suggestions. Great for older grades.

French Games is an okay website with some simple video game style activities that help build vocabulary.

Many of our students will have a Raz-kids account. They are able to access a large library of French books at home through their account.