About Us

What is BAC?

The first of its kind in Saskatchewan, Balfour Arts Collective (BAC) is flourishing with over 180 diverse, creative, and committed students from across the city. BAC is enriching the lives of students as well as the overall school community. The program fosters a sense of belonging, engagement, and success.

This dynamic, energetic and specialized program is a proud part of Regina Public Schools and historic Balfour Collegiate.

Who is a good fit?

If you are a student who is passionate about the arts -- whether you love dance, drama, visual art, or, performing arts, Balfour Arts Collective is the program for you. 

For the 2023-2024 school year, we will be accepting students enrolling in Grades 9-12.  Applications open on February 1, 2023 and close on March 3, 2023. Students do NOT have to live within Balfour school boundaries to attend this program.  All prospective students in Regina and area are eligible. 

What can this program offer me?

The program provides students with engaging, high-quality instruction from teachers with expertise in a variety of disciplines. It also offers students the chance to work with professional artists who share their talents and real-world experience. 

Balfour Arts Collective allows students to be part of a school within a school. They get all the benefits of being a Balfour student while also belonging to a smaller community with artistically focused peers. They are part of something that matters to them, which creates a sense of belonging. 

Balfour Arts Collective engages students in their learning, which helps them achieve greater success. 

How is the day structured?

Grade 9: Students will take the following arts-focused courses: English 9A, English 9B, and Fine Arts 9. 

Grade 10: Students will take the following arts-focused courses: English A10, English B10, Arts Education 10, and another arts course of their choice: Drama or Visual Art or Dance 10.  

Grade 11 & Grade 12: Students will take a two-credit course called Advanced Creative Process and Production, focusing on Performance or Visual Art (AP).  Students can also take other arts elective classes, including: Drama, Dance, Visual Art, and Music.

Students in the BAC program take their required math, science, and social science classes within the regular Balfour Collegiate timetable. Students involved in the BAC program will be able to access the required classes for grade 12 graduation, as well as for post-secondary programs. 

For more information about class choices, click here

What is the cost?

The program fee for grades 9 & 10 is $200.00 per school year. The cost for Visual Art is $50 per school year in grades 11 & 12. The cost for Dance/Drama is $100 per school year in grades 11 &12. These fees cover the cost of supplies, guest teachers and experts in the field, alternate facility spaces, and field trips to arts-related experiences.