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Mountain View Estates Subdivision Plat Invalid


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Across the Columbia River, from The Dalles Oregon is Dallesport an unincorporated Census Designated Area encompassing over 900 acres of undeveloped land not subject to the Gorge Commission due to an exemption from its regulations. 

The currently approved Final Plat for 26 lots and private roads is a violation of Washington State’s Planning Enabling Act RCW 36.70 and the Boundaries and Plats RCW 58. When the consideration of an amendment to a preliminary plat is addressed, Washington Law requires that “every decision or recommendation made under this section shall be in writing and shall include findings of fact and conclusions to support the decision or recommendation.” RCW 58.17.100 review of preliminary plats, this has not been done. 

The findings of fact provide a factual basis for the decision, while conclusions of law provide a legal basis for the decision, together they are used to support the decision. 

County Records show the agenda packet includes (pdf - starting on page 7) the items below, with no: Findings of Fact and Conclusions as required. 

● a Planning Department Memorandum to the Board from Denice Lee ● Emails dated Dec. 17 and 21, 2020 and January 7, 2021 between Darrin Eckman and Kirk Fatland of Tenneson Engineering, Mo-chi Lindblad, Denice Lee, from the County Planning Dept., Richard Morrow of John L Scott Reality, and Greg and Lori Wallace. 

● The future amended map showing the lot configuration change ● the original Resolution #128218 from 2018 approving the Subdivision with the original map. 

● A text document of comments regarding the Wallace Subdivision Amendment from ‘Jeff’ in Public Works. 

The subdivision was approved by the County on the basis of the 2018 SEPA Review, the Revised Storm Drainage Report (Stormwater Plan) dated July 19, 2019 and other 


relevant documentations. This approved Plat Map is not representative of the application and documentation as submitted by William Maley in 2018. 

In a phone conversation on January 31,2023 with Raymond Clough, County Commissioner Dan Christopher, stated: “ if they say yes and it's no, then somebody's probably going to get fired over that” 

Feb 7, 2023 Email communication with Commissioner Christoper to Raymond Clough: “In talking to staff I believe them that no special good old boy deals were done on this particular developer deal as it seems the individual is not connected and isn't well liked. In the end i'm not a land use attorney i only know what Im told., I have to trust that my staff isn't lying to me and that the deal is correct and on the up and up. Now if I find that I was lied to on this or other issues that wont go well. 

The alteration of the Preliminary Plat and it’s subsequent approval in October 2022 can only be done with a written explanation including findings of fact and conclusions. 

For further information including a 1400 word article contact Raymond Clough for full access to all supporting documents.  (html links are on sub page)