Music•Voice•Piano is our fun and effective group piano program!

We love what's happening here!

2020 Update: MVP classes will be in-person. Students with a fever, cough, or other signs of illness will be asked to stay home. Parents and siblings will be asked to stay outside of the music school. The music school will be sanitized daily. Students will be asked to sanitize their hands before playing the instruments. Masks are optional, at your discretion. We look forward to seeing you in-person!

Children ages 4-10 of any piano ability will love MVP; learning piano in a fun environment with their peers!

What Does It Teach?

Students learn how to play solo piano, how to play the piano TOGETHER in a group, and how to self-accompany (sing while they play). We have so much fun and students start playing songs with correct fingering on the very first day!

Other skills and concepts taught include: technique, composition, theory, and classical music enjoyment.

The Levels

There are three levels of MVP. Students are grouped by age and piano skills.

Melody: Students who are learning to play the right hand with correct fingering.

Harmony: Students who are learning to play simple songs hands separately and are starting to play hands together.

Improvisation: Students who can play simple songs hands together and can read notes.

The Cost

• Classes are one hour each week for only $50/month!

• There is an annual $25 registration fee that covers the cost of all books and materials.

• We have special discounts available for families enrolling more than three students. Just ask!

Parent Testimonial

Jennie Sanders: Raya understands both children and music extremely well, and I’ve seen her successfully guide my three very different children successfully in learning to play the piano and understand the basic structures of music. I highly recommend her classes!