Technology should increase your bottom line.

Whether it comes from a system that helps you improve your business model, or clear reporting that helps you better understand your business, our mission is to provide technology that enables immediate access to the critical data you need most. 

Through our extensive lineup of Custom Development, Support and Custom ePayment solutions, RE Data has the both the skills and resources to deliver results to your bottom line. 



Software Development and Customization

RE Data specializes in “pushing the envelope” to expand the usability of the MRI software. Projects completed in this area includes both extensive use of the eServices platform and Custom Written Applications that seamlessly integrate into the MRI software.

RE Data has delivered customization to its clients in all of the following areas:

• Web Views and routines

• Windows Views

• Web and Windows Reports

• MIX Development and APIs

• Integration with Third Party Interfaces

• Menu Structures

• Creation of entire sub-modules within MRI


There are several options for training on the various products hosted and supported by RE Data Systems.

These options include:

• On-site one on one sessions

• On-site classrooms for large groups

• Remote sessions via the Internet (using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet)

• Desktop shadowing of the user’s desktop with step by step instructions

The most important feature of the Training provided by RE Data Systems is the INSTRUCTOR. In this case, the RE Data Systems instructor has 16 years of experience with the full line of MRI Software. This includes every phase of using the software from the initial set up and installation through the daily use of every module.


Software support is provided on an UNLIMITED base to RE Data clients. If the company is a hosting client, support is generally done on a 18/7 basis. For self-hosting clients, it is a 12/5 basis.

At RE Data Systems, the majority of client support and problem resolution is done electronically via email or from the support portal section of the RE Data web site. RE Data operates as a virtual office and all personnel have constant access to email and the web via a mobile device.

In all cases, the request or issue sent by the client is reviewed first by the account manager. If the item is deemed to be a mid or entry level support issue, it is resolved by the manager at once and the reply with details sent back to the requestor. If a problem submitted by a customer is very complex or requires additional testing, it is directed to a higher level person for resolution.

The ratio of support people to clients is kept at 20 to 1. This allows RE Data personnel to know the clients operation. In addition, the client speaks to a technical expert (not an entry level clerical person) who can solve their problem(s).

Software “Bugs”

From time to time programming mistakes are encountered as part of investigating a reported issue. If RE Data determines (along with the client) that a programming error has occurred, the client has two options:

• The client can open a case directly with MRI Software

• RE Data can open a case with MRI Software on the client's behalf  (current contract with MRI is required).

If the issue is severely impacting the clients ability to continue working, RE Data will typically develop a “work around” solution. In some cases, this may be in the form of a custom program at no charge. This happens in about 75% of the program bug cases.

Non-MRI Problems

In perhaps as many as 50% of the reported cases, the cause of a problem is determined to be something outside the MRI software. This could be an internal network problem, connection problem, printer problem or something similar.

We are very fortunate to have the technical expertise to solve these problems at RE Data Systems. Hosting clients have this type of support included in their service. Self-hosting clients can choose to hire RE Data to solve the issue or use another IT group as the solution.



RE Data Systems has established a series of “valued added services” and products that greatly enhance the usability of their software products. These are custom written independent applications that exist only in the hosting environment of RE Data Systems. All of them are designed for the Internet and link directly into their accounting system.

The focal point of eServices is the portals for use by the residents or tenants. These portals were built so they immediately and seamlessly update all of the necessary tables inside the management company’s database. All users of the portals require an extensive log in and validation process to enter and use the portal.

The software engineering used in building the portals utilize very “open architecture".  This allows RE Data to have its hosting clients PERSONALIZE the portal. This can include pictures of the property, names and contacts at the management office, logos and more.


This is a complete Web based application designed for use by residents of apartments and condominiums. It provides Internet based access to these people and allows them to do nearly 100% of their communication with the management office. By giving people this opportunity, it delivers several benefits to the management company including:

• Reduction of data entry of resident rent payments

• Improved accuracy of reporting

• Immediate accurate resident information

• Email notification of management personnel to key activities

• Reduction in delinquencies

• Use of technology to solve a business process for the management company

The presentation to the residents is done in a simple to follow and easy to use format. The portal makes the following functions available to residents:

Rent Payments – the payments can be made by the resident via the portal using ACH, Credit Cards and Electronic Checks. Payments are posted and receipts provided to the resident. Daily deposits are recorded automatically for the management company. Funds are deposited and routed automatically using the federal banking standards. Partial payment and prepayments are permitted at the manager’s discretion depending on the rules of the property. 

Service Requests – a resident can submit to the management company a request to have maintenance work done in their unit. All of the details concerning the work order are entered by the resident. The work order is automatically posted to the open work order file in their accounting system. An email is sent to all appropriate management personnel (including the maintenance department) as notification of the new service request. Residents can review the status of their existing work orders via the portal.

Master Resident Information – each resident is given a picture of their existing master information including phone numbers, place of employment, other residents living in the unit and more. The resident is able to update “non-critical” fields with current information. 


This portal is for use by Commercial tenants in office buildings and shopping centers. It has all of the same features as those already included in the eResident portal. In addition to those features, the eTenant Portal includes:

Sales Figures – there is a screen where retail tenants can submit their sales figures online.

Suite Availability – this is a list of other spaces within the same property that are available for lease and it shows their market rate per square foot. This enhances the renewal process for existing commercial tenants. Clients will use this to improve tenant retention.


eLeasingPortal provides an Internet web location where prospective residents can do research on possible units to rent. The information is provided from the database kept by the client in their accounting system. The details about each unit are provided including floor plans.

Preleasing– this is a series of programs giving the prospect a place to enter basic information and initiate their own credit check processing. This feature includes filling out guest card information and paying an application fee and / or unit reservation fee.

Electronic Lease Signature– it is expected that eventually electronic signatures and other operations will become a part of this on-line portal. At this time, the prospective resident is able to complete all of the procedures with the exception of the signing and final execution of the lease.