Public Service Announcements

Please update the school if you have a new address, phone number, or email address. It's important we have accurate information for future communication with our students and parents.

Please read the following message from Buffalo County regarding the pink postcards that you received yesterday or today. Buffalo County made an accounting error regarding Ravenna Public Schools tax asking. You should receive an updated postcard soon. Please feel free to call Brad Kjar, Superintendent, at 308-452-3249 with any questions you may have after receiving your updated postcard. We apologize on Buffalo Counties behalf for the inconvenience this situation has caused.

Buffalo Co Press Release.pdf
Lunch Forms 2022_23.pdf
2022-2023 Monthly Cost for Meals
Copy of Notice of Destruction of SPED records.docx
Ravenna Public Schools - Board of Education Emergency Meeting June 22nd, 2022.pdf
Ravenna Public Schools Continuity of Learning Plan- General Education.pdf
Ravenna Public Schools Continuity Of Learning Plan-Special Education.pdf

5057 Parental Involvement In The Title I Program

5057 Parental Involvement In the Title I Program.docx

School Wellness Policy

School Wellness Policy Review.pdf

See the Two Rivers Public Health site for the latest Covid-19 information.