Environmental Services

Fashion Brand Revolution

Fashion Revolution has a website with lots of Educational Resources and they are looking for student ambassadors, it is especially relevant as the week after 2 of our YR2 FBBM students are being sponsored to go to Bangladesh and work with a fabric mill for a week on the brief Old World / New World sustainability.


Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy

Ravensbourne senior management is set to sign up to The Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy. It asks signatories to teach circular economy, encourage others to join the commitment and to make ambitious commitments in line with their vision – reducing use of plastics. These can be done easily in teaching, making students aware and considering plastic usage in projects and general life. This signifies a commitment by RUL to environmental sustainability as an institute.


Ravensbourne CMP Jan 2012 PDF.pdf

Ravensbourne Carbon Management Plan

Environmental & Sustainability Policy - Nov 2018.docx

Environmental and Sustainability Policy