How to Use

How to Use

Application Instructions

  • Apply to pathways, entry points, areas, and surfaces where rats are suspected to travel through or occupy.
  • Apply with a paint brush or directly from the tube.
  • Do not rub or buff the grease. Leave a visible coat.
  • Apply between 1.0 to 2.0 oz near or around each bait deployed, or 1.0 oz every 10 linear feet, or 2.0 to 4.0 oz per square foot, depending on type of protection and/or irritation level desired.

Application Frequency

An application of Rat Grease™ should last several weeks. “Touch up” applications may be necessary in high traffic areas, because the gel sticks to fur and is carried away by the rodents. So certain areas may need a periodic reapplication.

IMPORTANT: Rat Grease™ is Intended to Cause a Short-Term Increase in Rodent Activity.

An increase in “careless” movement is what makes rodents easier to bait and trap. The burning sensation caused by contact with Rat Grease™ make rodents panicked, frantic, and less careful: easier to trap. Less “trap-shy”. The end-user of Rat Grease™ will fill up traps much quicker. The end-user should consider deploying more than the usual number of baits and traps.

Because of the short-term increased activity, Rat Grease™ is not recommended for restaurants or retail establishments that must remain open to the public during the first 48 hours of Rat Grease™ use.

IMPORTANT: A Long-Lasting Application Requires a Non-Porous Surface

A long-lasting and easy to clean application requires a non-porous surface. Clean up is easier if the application surface is portable and disposable, such as a PVC pipe, plastic lid, single ceramic tile, shipping tape, etc. If you must make your own non-porous surface, structural engineers recommend

  1. Wipe surface clean with a cloth and Isopropyl, let dry;
  2. Apply a coat of silicone or acrylic finish, let dry.

This step may be skipped if application surface is already non-porous, such as linoleum, vinyl, ceramic tile, stainless steel, a sealed floor, etc.

IMPORTANT: Due to naturally occurring “oil bleed”, Rat Grease™ is NOT recommended for use over awnings, wooden decks, or exterior walls.

RAT GREASE™ will not melt from high heat (drip point is > 392 F), BUT over time a small amount of oil will naturally “bleed” from the thickener that holds any oil-based gel together. Causes of the “oil bleed” are exposure to a combination of dust, vibrations, gravity, and moisture. A small amount of “oil bleed” is normal for almost all oil-based lubricant products. If necessary, wipe up the small amount of “bleed” with a paper towel. Otherwise, run-off from rain may create an oil stain on whatever is below, such as a building’s exterior wall, a window awning, wooden decking, etc.

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